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After the demise of the Weather Prophets, Peter Astor began releasing records as a solo artist. He returned to the Creation label to release two albums--1990's Submarine and 1991's Zoo--as well as a handful of singles, all of which featured a more mature singer/songwriter approach.

A loyal following in France inspired Astor to leave Creation for the French label Danceteria, for which he released two albums--1992's Paradise and 1993's God and Other Stories.

Disillusionment with the music industry and being in a band caused Astor to disappear from the music scene for a brief period. He reemerged in the late-'90s, inspired by the burgeoning electronica and drum'n'bass scenes.

After constructing his own Bigfoot studio, Astor began releasing vinyl-only, electronically flavoured work as Ellis Island Sound and The Wisdom Of Harry on obscure labels such as Wurlitzer Jukebox, Lissy’s, and Motorway. These singles were compiled on the 1999 album Stars of Super 8.

After signing to Matador, The Wisdom Of Harry released a proper debut album in 2000 titled House of Binary, which was followed in 2003 by Torch Division. A Japanese compilation titled Providence, which highlighted Astor's work with the Weather Prophets and as a solo artist, was released in 1999.

1990 -- Creation (CRECD065)
1999 -- Epic Japan (ESCA 7774)

1. Beware
2. Walk Into the Wind
3. Firesong
4. Your Sun Leaves The Sky
5. Holy Road
6. I Wish I Was Somewhere Else
7. Emblem
8. On Top Above The Driver
9. Submarine
10. Chevron

Free 7-inch included with LP:
Side A: Afternoon
Side B: Interlude

"Walk Into the Wind"
1990, December -- Creation (CRE94)

Side A:
1. Walk Into the Wind (version)
Side B:
1. Your Sun Leaves the Sky (acoustic)
2. Submarine (acoustic)
3. Firesong (acoustic)

1991, March -- Creation (CRE099)

Side A:
1. Chevron
Side B:
1. Beware (acoustic)
2. On Top Above the Driver (acoustic)
3. Emblem (acoustic)

1991 -- Creation (CRECD090)

1. Six-Day Weekend
2. Harvest Moon
3. We Move in an Arc Whose Grace We Never See
4. What Was and What Could Never Be
5. Street of Lights
6. Heart-Shaped Swimming Pool
7. Ghost Sister
8. Seaplane
9. Letter to Nowhere
10. The Emperor, the Dealer and the Birthday Boy
11. Blue Walking Days
12. Thirteen and Seven Centuries

"Der Kaiser, Der Dealer und Das Geburtstagskind" b/w "Lundi Bleu" -- Peter Astor / The Times
1991 -- Creation (CRE114)

Split 7-inch with The Times
Side A: Der Kaiser, Der Dealer und Das Geburtstagskind
Side B: Lundi Bleu

Paradise -- Peter Astor and the Holy Road
1992 -- Danceteria (DANCD105)

1. Almost Falling in Love
2. She Took the TV
3. Love, Full-On
4. Secret Life
5. Guy Fawkes' Night
6. Donelly
7. The Hotel at the Edge of the World
8. Sideways and the Golden Egg
9. Lost Soul
10. Paradise

"Almost Falling in Love" -- Peter Astor and the Holy Road
1992 -- Danceteria (DANCD110)

1. Almost Falling in Love
2. Leaving Train
3. Never Been as Good as This
4. Joe's Revenge

God & Other Stories
1993 -- Danceteria (DAN9304CD)

1. Big Dumb Song
2. The Monkey
3. God
4. Disco Lights
5. Miss A
6. Still Wednesday
7. The Lost Weekend Start Here
8. St Paul's Manbo
9. On Saturday Night
10. Another Sunday
11. Underground
12. No Food Is Blue
13. Ha Ha Ha
14. Big Dumb Song Again

"Disco Lights"
1993 -- Danceteria (DAN9302CD)

1. Disco Lights
2. Dancing Late at Night
3. You Were Perfect Then

Providence: The Best of Peter Astor
1999, July -- Epic Japan (ESCA-7791)

1. Why Does The Rain
2. The Key To My Love Is Green
3. You're My Ambulance
4. Mayflower
5. Like Frankie Lymon
6. Almost Prayed
7. Worm In My Brain
8. Your Door Shines Like Gold
9. Up The Hill And Down The Slope
10. Sleep
11. Blue Rooftop
12. Joe Schmo & The Eskimo
13. Always The Light
14. Hollow Heart
15. Your Heartbeatbreathes The Life Into Me
16. Six Day Weekend
17. Street Of Lights
18. What Was And What Could Never Be
19. Submarine
20. Walk Into The Wind (Version)
21. Heart-Shaped Swimming Pool
22. Holy Road

Hal's Egg
2005, January -- Static Caravan Recordings (VAN 87)

1. The Demon Bird
2. Cold Haily Windy Night
3. Hangman
4. The Ghost Lover
5. False Knight of the Road
6. The Maestro
7. Fatal Flower Garden
8. Nancy True Knot

Injury Time
2006 -- Cherry Red Records (CRREV123)

1. Six Day Weekend
2. Street of Lights
3. Submarine
4. The Monkey
5. Sidways and the Golden Egg
6. She Took the TV
7. Donnally
8. Heart Shaped Swimming Pool
9. I Wish I Was Somewhere Else
10. Your Sun Leaves the Sky
11. The Lost Weekend Starts Here
12. Miss A

Compilation Appearances:
American Pensioners on Ecstacy
1991 -- Creation (CRELP095)
"Submarine" (Acoustic)
A Palace in the Sun
1991 -- Creation (CRELP088)
I'm Your Fan: The Songs of Leonard Cohen
1991 -- Sony
"Take This Longing"
Voulez-vous Chanter Cohen?
1991 -- Oscar
(CD was free with issue 30 of the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles)
"Take This Longing"
Sorted, Snorted and Sported
1991 -- Creation (CRELP117)
"Street of Lights"
All the President's Men
1993 -- Creation (CRELP140)
"Six Day Weekend"
Guitar Pop Jamboree: Everyone's in Love With the Sun
1999 -- Sony/Epic/Creation (ESCA 7792)
"Submarine" (acoustic)
The Creation Records Compilation: Volume 2
1991 -- UK Creation/Virgin Music Video (VVD880)
Video compilation featuring the video: