Super Furry Animals’ Rings Around The World gets a reissue


Super Furry Animals’ 2001 (post Creation) album ‘Rings Around The World’ is being repressed on 2LP plus 7 inch next month.

The new gatefold vinyl package is pressed on pink/purple mix vinyl and comes with a four page booklet with lyrics/credits plus a bonus seven-inch single (featuring a locked groove sample of ‘All The Shit U Do’). The set is limited to just 1500 units with less than half of that number allocated for the UK.

Upon its original release the album was accompanied by an excellent DVD to accompany the whole album, you can see the videos below.

The tracklisting is:

Side A
1. Alternate Route To Vulcan Street
2. Sidewalk Serfer Girl
3. (Drawing) Rings Around The World
Side B
1. It’s Not The End Of The World?
2. Receptacle For The Respectable
3. (A) Touch Sensitive
4. Shoot Doris Day
Side C
1. Miniature
2. No Sympathy
3. Juxtapozed With U
Side D
1. Presidential Suite
2. Run! Christian, Run!
3. Fragile Happiness

7” Single
Side A
1. All The Shit U Do

Following the news of this version Kliph Scurlock who has been responsible for the recent reissues of Fuzzy Logic and Radiator made the following statement:

“Just a head’s up: this is in no way authorized or approved by SFA. Music On Vinyl is a legitimate label and do license things properly (and do good work when given good sources to work from), but the band were unaware of the existence of this before someone tweeted Gruff a couple of hours ago. I called BMG, who also knew nothing about it and are annoyed as they’re planning to do a proper deluxified remaster/reissue when the time comes. BMG are working on tracking down who licensed it (must have been someone at Sony) and what their sources are for this reissue. Best case scenario, the original plates from 2001 still exist and were used, but those were done at CD resolution (44.1/16) and not from the original tapes, as the reissue BMG are planning will be, so buy at your own risk.”

Given the recent BBC Sessions album by Super Furry Animals was almost impossible to get on vinyl some may wish to go for this anyway whilst others may possibly prefer an endorsed version when it’s released. Given previous reissues were 20th anniversary pressings this could be a few years away yet.

For those who want a copy of this you can order the 2LP plus 7 inch repress here