The Jasmine Minks - Cut Me Deep Anthology

The Jasmine Minks celebrate 30 years together this year by releasing their first anthology. Cut Me Deep – The Anthology 1984 – 2014 is released on February 24th and contains a massive 48 tracks.

The band were regulars at The Living Room in the early days and were one of the first signings to Creation with their mix of Sixties-styled melodies and electric organ echoing the likes of The Jam. Between 1984 and 1989 the band recorded four singles and four albums for Creation before taking a decade-long sabbatical.

In 2001 they returned with a new studio LP Popartglory for Poptones followed in 2010 by their Poppy White EP and have played and recorded sporadically ever since. Most of the recordings are unavailable on CD and some of these tracks make their digital debut. All four albums are included: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven All Good Preachers Go To Heaven (1984), The Jasmine Minks (1986), Another Age (1988) and Scratch The Surface (1989).

You can order the album from Amazon now for less than a tenner.

The Jasmine Minks have an excellent Facebook page at which they regularly update, you can visit the page by clicking here.

The tracklisting for the album is below:

Disc One
1. Think!
2. Work For Nothing
3. Where The Traffic Goes
4. Mr. Magic
5. The Thirty Second Set Up
6. What’s Gone Wrong
7. Somers Town
8. Ghost Of A Young Man
9. What’s Happening
10. Black And Blue
11. I Don’t Know
12. Cold Heart
13. Choice
14. The Ballad Of Johnny Eye
15. Work
16. Sunset
17. Like You
18. Painting/arguing
19. You Take My Freedom
20. Cry For A Man
21. World’s No Place
22. You Got Me Wrong
23. Forces Network (AFM Version)
24. Veronica
25. Still Waiting

Disc Two
1. Cut Me Deep
2. Living Out Your Dreams
3. Don’t Wait Too Long
4. Nothing Can Stop Me
5. Soul Station
6. Time For You
7. Another Age
8. Sad
9. Lost And Living
10. Little Things
11. I’ve Lost Her
12. Marcella
13. Misery
14. Take
15. Reaching Out
16. Shiny And Black
17. Scratch The Surface
18. Daddy Dog (feat. Tommy Sheridan)
19. Midnight And I
20. Popartglory
21. Poppy White
22. Blown Away
23. Christine (Brand New Track)

You can watch The Jasmine Minks live in London recorded September 1987 below.

C86 sleeve

A Facebook page has been set up for the 2CD reissue of the NME cassette C86. The album originally featured The Pastels, Primal Scream and The Bodines amongst others and is due for release in May 2014.

The updated version will be compiled and annotated by its original curator Neil Taylor. No tracklisting for the extra tracks has been announced yet so keep an eye on their Facebook page. This reissue follows the release of the Scared To Get Happy box set earlier this year.

The tracklisting for the original cassette is below:

Primal Scream – Velocity Girl
Mighty Lemon Drops – Happy Head
Soup Dragons – Pleasantly Surprised
Wolfhounds – Feeling So Strange Again
Bodines – Therese
Mighty Mighty – Law
Stump – Buffalo
Bogshed – Run To The Temple
A Witness – Sharpened Sticks
Pastels – Breaking Lines
Age Of Chance – From Now On, This Will Be Your God
Shop Assistants – It’s Up To You
Close Lobsters – Firestation Towers
Miaow – Sport Most Royal
Half Man Half Biscuit – I Hate Nerys Hughes (From The Heart)
Servants – Transparent
MacKenzies – Big Jim (There’s No Pubs In Heaven)
Big Flame – New Way (Quick Wash And Brush Up With Liberation Theology)
We’ve Got A Fuzzbox And We’re Gonna Use It – Console Me
McCarthy – Celestial City
Shrubs – Bullfighter’s Bones
Wedding Present – This Boy Can Wait (A Bit Longer!)

Jesus and Mary Chain box set

On 2nd December, The Jesus And Mary Chain Vinyl Collection will be released through Demon Records, exclusively for European customers via the new store ( Limited to 1500 numbered copies, the collection will include the 6 studio albums, 2LPs of BBC sessions, a live BBC compilation LP, 32 page hardback book and a fan selected B-sides and rarities LP.

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Ride - Original Album Series

Ride have released a 5CD boxset including their 4 studios and the 1994 Japanese compilation ‘Cosmic Carnival’ in card replica sleeves.

Although the tracklisting for each album does not include the additional EP tracks featured on the 2001 remasters, this is the first time ‘Cosmic Carnival’ has been released outside of Japan.

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