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Bobby Gillespie

Listen to Primal Scream Breezeblock mixes

Breezeblock was a show on BBC Radio 1 that ran between 1997 and 2006 when guests would be invited onto the show to create mixes. Primal Scream who always had the best record collection appeared on the show several times.

Creation Soup

The Creation Records Spotify playlist

At over 3.5 hours long, the Creation Records Spotify playlist covers most of the 17 years of Creation releases. Featuring early favourites like Biff Bang Pow! Phil Wilson, Revolving Paint Dream and The Jasmine Minks. Then there’s the later years with Super Furry Animals, Bernard Read more

Bobby Gillespie

Listen to Bobby Gillespie’s Radio Hour

Bobby Gillespie appeared on The Guardian’s Radio Hour yesterday afternoon which was a really great show featuring a mix old tunes on the theme of cheating, you can listen again now.

Creation Records - Doing It For The Kids

Listen to the ‘Doing It For The Kids’ All-Dayer

After previously posting the Valentine’s set from this gig, I was incredibly excited to find out that many of the other bands sets from the ‘Doing It For The Kids’ All-Dayer in 1988 were recorded and even more excited that I’m able to share this Read more