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Bubble Gum

It's the kind of thing I could really get into. It's got a heavy jungle feel with atmospheric, floaty vocals. Very innovative - I'd like to hear more from these guys!

Gina G, Just Seventeen,


And so a great cultural exchange has begun: Creation has just gone jungle! And this surely means that plans are afoot, right now, as we speak, for underground drum'n'bass labels like Moving shadow and Good Looking to go all Britpop on us and worship at the altar of Weller'n'Noel'n'That Bloke Out Of Ocean Colour Scene. But then again....

One True Parker is DJ/producer Karen Parker - not to be confused with DJ/producer Andrea Parker - and 'Bubble Gum' befits its title with a take on hyper-speed rhythm that has liquid saccharine pumping through its veins and a less-than-erudite lyric riding on top. In fact, this is drum'n'bass that wouldn't mind being pop, given half a chance - recalling, on one of the self-produced remixes, the Balearic tinge of Creation's last flirt with dance far more than the genuine mean-streets article. Which is where 'name on the scene' Ray Keith steps in, revamping the track into an insistent floater with supreme bass flatulence and Alex Reece-like beats on his side. The really neat thing, though, is that his version succeeds in being less heavy, more underground and equipped with a far better chance of hitting it off with the Top 40 than the original. That, you really must admit, is rather clever.

Andy Crysell, NME,

ONE TRUE PARKER Bubble Gum (Creation Records) Karen Parker, the only woman DJ in the DJing posse, Odd Squad, is a woman I want to meet although I may come across as rather sycophantic ,and thus embarrassing. Play this opening track loud and hold on to something ... the beats are hard, the roll relentless and layered over it, a taste of House and Massive Attack/Nicolette-style female vocals, which creep in to the mix like fog. Some say the original, opening track is sweet. I say it's cynical, subtle and subversive. Listen. As for the "Elixir Of Life" mix ... I'd love to see what that bass sound does to a crowd. Ray Keith's remix, by the way, is relentless.

Ngaire Ruth, Melody Maker