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Oasis will be playing their first UK concerts for over a year this September.

The dates will be:

Sept 13 & 14


Westpoint Arena

Sept 16 & 17



Sept 19 & 20


Exhibition &
Conference Centre

Sept 22 & 23



Sept 25, 26 & 27


Earls Court

Sept 29


National Indoor Arena

Tickets will be on sale on-line with

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Super Furry Animals have announced details of a brand new single entitled 'The International Language of Screaming' which is released on July 14th.

'The International Language of Screaming' is the follow up to the band's highly acclaimed 'Herman Loves Pauline' single which saw chart acion recently. This new single could be Super Furry Animals 7th top 40 success on the trot!

Available on 7", Cassette and CD, 'The International Language of Screaming' was produced by Gorwel Owen and is backed by a number of new tracks as follows:


The International Language of Screaming
Wrap It Up
Foxy Music
n O.K.


The International Language of Screaming
Wrap It Up


The International Language of Screaming
Wrap It Up

As well as confirming appearances at the Glastonbury and Reading Festivals Super Furry Animals have also announced two major appearances of their own, their biggest to date, in Wales during the summer. They play in specially erected 3000 capacity tents at Cardiff Coopers Field on July 27th and at Bangor Rugby Club on August 2nd. Tickets are on sale now and can be ordered on-line by clicking here.

Other links:

Super Furry Animals official web site

Creation tour dates


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Teenage Fanclub are planning their new single 'Ain't That Enough' with a week of instore appearances in HMV stores around the UK during its week of release.

Released on June 30th 'Ain't That Enough' is backed up with full, electric performances at the following HMV stores:

June 30th

Glasgow - Argyle Street

July 1st


July 2nd


July 3rd


July 4th


All performances will be at 4pm except for Birmingham which will be at 1.30pm.

The band will also be signing copies of 'Ain't That Enough' after the performances.

'Ain't That Enough' is taken from Teenage Fanclub's forthcoming album 'Songs From Northern Britain'.

Click here for the official Teenage Fanclub site.

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Through the last twelve months of front covers, scoops, and world exclusives on oasis everyone seems to have forgotten the real story - the music - the very thing that has put the band up where they are.

Almost unnoticed the band have completed recording their thrid album. On 7th July, Creation will release the first material from these sessions. Oasis' first single since February 1996 will be 'D'YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN', which was recorded at Ridge Farm, Surrey, and Air Studios, London.

The single will be available on 7", 12", cassette and digipak CD.

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Oasis release their third album the week of August 18th 1997. The title has now officially been confirmed as 'BE HERE NOW'.

The album is currently being mastered, and is expected to be completed shortly. During the sessions, the band recorded 15 tracks of which 11 will be on the album. The exact tracklisting is yet to be decided.

As was the case with '....MORNING GLORY', the album was produced by Noel Gallagher and Owen Morris. The sessions took place at Abbey Road, Ridge Farm, Air Studios, Master Rock, and Orinoco.

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Release Date: August 11th 1997
Catalogue Number: CREV047CD

Track Listing: Mill Hill Self Hate Club / It's Kinda Lonely Where I Am / Tilt / Trailblaze / For The Souls Of Dead Horses / Ma Blues / Firehorse /If A Man Ever Loved A Woman / Docklands Blues / When You Lose Your Lover Learn To Lose.

McGee. You might recognise the name.
Alan McGee you will already know; Creation Records founder and head honcho, the man that discovered Oasis....

John McGee is Alan's Dad and a constant source of inspiration. He is also an as yet undiscovered musical conductor and arranger. With Slinky' he has realised a life long ambition to wave his magic baton over some of his favourite songs by the man he calls his "other son", Edward Ball.

John McGee is not your typical sexagenarian. He is a very well known figure in his home town of Glasgow. It's hard not to miss him driving his brand new sports car of lifting weights down the gym. And now with the onset of his musical career, the idea of 'mature' groupies is something he will most definitely have to deal with. He hasn't always lived life in the spotlight, until being able to retire on his 2.5% shareholding of Creation Records, he spent his owrking years as a panel beater humming along to the arrangements of James Last and Glen Miller never guessing that one day he would have the chance to make his own recordings.

But he has, and here it is, in all its orchestral glory. Ladies and gentlemen, The John McGee Orchestra plays 'Slinky'.

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Creation Records released the classic Dexys Midnight Runners album, 'Don't Stand Me Down' on June 2nd.

Available on CD only, 'Don't Stand Me Down' was originally released in 1985 and was picked up by Creation Records as part of their recent deal with Kevin Rowland who is currently recording a brand new album. There is no date for this new album yet.

The re-release features two brand new tracks not on the original version, 'Reminisce (Part One)' and 'The Way You Look Tonight'. One of the tracks, 'Knowledge Of Beauty' from the original, has been retitled 'My National Pride'. There are also revised sleeve notes by Kevin Rowland.

A full tracklisting is as follows:

1. The Occasional Flicker
2. This Is What She's Like
3. My National Pride
4. One Of Those Things
5. Reminisce (Part One)
6. I Love You (Listen To This)
7. The Waltz
8. Reminisce (Part Two)
9. The Way You Look Tonight

* Previously titled 'Knowledge of Beauty'
** New tracks

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Teenage Fanclub have announced details of their new single, the second to be taken from their current album "Songs From Northern Britain".

Entitled "I Don't Want Control Of You" this new single is scheduled for release on August 11th and will be available on two CDs and limited edition 7" single.

A Norman Blake composition, "I Don't Want Control Of You" is backed with a number of new songs and a cover version of "He'd Be A Diamond" which was written by The Bevis Frond and which has become a live favourite in recent shows. Full tracklisitng is as follows:


I Don't Want Control Of You
The Count
Middle Of The Road


I Don't Want Control Of You
He'd Be A Diamond
Live My Life


I Don't Want Control Of You
The Count




Teenage Fanclub return with a brand new single entitled 'Ain't That Enough' on June 30th, their first release for well over a year.

Taken from their forthcoming album 'Songs From Northern Britain' which is scheduled for release in July, 'Ain't That Enough' will be available on two CD's and 7" and will be backed by 'Kickabout' which originally appeared during Euro '96 and which has been rejuvenated for Scotland's World Cup campaign, 'Broken' a new Norman Blake penned ballad, and two covers, The Velvet Underground's 'Femme Fatale' and 'Jesus Christ' which was written by Alex Chilton.

The full tracklistings will be as follows:


Ain't That Enough


Ain't That Enough
Femme Fatale
Jesus Christ


Ain't That Enough

Teenage Fanclub have scheduled a major London show at The Astoria on June 18th and have confirmed an appearance at The Phoenix Festival on 18th July. More summer dates will be added in the near future and we will announce details when we have them.

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"I hate the idea of being cool. It's music, you can't really be cool about music, you shouldn't use it as a fashion statement. Definitely when I was young I'd be worried about not being cool. Thinking I cannae write lyrics with 'Love' in it 'cos that's not cool. It's a really naive way to think. It's my ambition this year to be less hung up about being cool !"

- Norman Blake 1997.


Teenage Fanclub have announced details of their new album which is entitled 'Songs From Northern Britain' and is released on July 21st.

Available on CD, cassette and vinyl as well as a limited edition CD which will be packaged in a differently designed slipcase with alternative artwork , 'Songs From Northern Britain' will retail at the special low price of 910.99 each for the CD's and £7.99 for the cassette and vinyl in it's week of release.

'Songs From Northern Britain' is the follow up to 1995's hugely acclaimed top ten 'Grand Prix' album . It was recorded at Ridge Farm studios in Surrey with producer David Bianco and mixed at Air studios in London by George Schilling.

A full track listing is as follows:

1:Start Again
2:Ain't That Enough
3:Can't Feel My Soul
4:1 Don't Want Control Of You
5: Planets
6:It's A Bad World
7:Take The Long Way Round
9:1 Don't Care
10:Mount Everest
11:Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From
12:Speed Of Light.

Teenage Fanclub will play a major London show at The Astoria on June 18th and have confirmed appearances at this years Phoenix festival on July 18th and at the V97 festival on 16th and 17th August. Other Summer U.K. appearances will be confirmed in the near future. A full U.K. tour is planned for later in the year.

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3 Colours Red follow the success of their debut album 'Pure' with a new single entitled 'Copper Girl' which is released on June 23rd.

Taken from the 'Pure' album 'Copper Girl' will be available on CD and two limited edition formats, an extra CD which is restricted to 10,000 copies and which contains four band postcards , and a 7" single which is restricted to 5,000 copies.

'Copper Girl' will be the fourth single to be taken from the 'Pure' album , all the previous three ('Nuclear Holiday', 'Sixty Mile Smile' and 'Pure') having charted in the top 30, and will be backed by a combination of new tracks and live cuts. A full tracklisting for each format is as follows:


Copper Girl
This Opera

CD (Limited)

Copper Girl
Sixty Mile Smile (Live)
Alright Ma (Live)


Copper Girl
Sunny In England (Live)

3 Colours Red recently completed a sell out tour of the U.K. and are just finishing a successful tour of Germany. They recently played the Brighton Essential festival and have confirmed their appearance as special guests of Kiss at their 'Kaos In The Park' show in London's Finsbury Park on 5th July and at a number of major U.K. and European festivals throughout the summer.

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Hurricane#1, whose stunning debut single 'Step Into My World' crashed into the charts at No.29, announce details of a new single 'Just Another Illusion', to be released on June 23rd.

'Just Another Illusion' comes on teo CDs, the first with two tracks: 'Touchdown' and 'Snapshot' and the second featuring mixes by Midfield General and FC Kahuna. A 7" will also be available. 'Just Another Illusion' was recorded at The Chapel in Lincoln, and produced and mixed by Steve Harris. The relevant catalogue numbers are as follows:
7" - CRE264

Hurricane#1 have also announced details of their own headline tour, straight off the back of their nationwide support slot with Supergrass.

Click here for tour dates.

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kowalski/ 96 tears/ know your rights/ kowalski (automator mix)

Creation 12"/ CD Release date: 5th May 1997

"This radio station was named Kowalski, in honour of the last American hero to whom speed means freedom of the soul..."

Sounding like death metal produced by Lee 'Scratch' Perry with sound effects from the space shuttle exploding, built-on Satan's own bassline played by new Scream Team recruit Mani. The vinyl equivalent of having your head stoved in while speeding off your tits, "Kowalski" is the first true genius single of 1997.

"Kowalski" was produced by Brendan Lynch & Primal Scream, and has been reanimated into a thumping scratch fest by the Automator (the producer of the Dr. Octagon and DJ Shadow albums). It is also backed with a psycho cover of ? & The Mysterions "96 Tears", and the band's 1995 reinterpretation of "Know Your Rights" (lyrically inspired by The Clash's "Combat Rock", musically a lumbering punk rock breakbeat beast).

By way of an explanation - Kowalski was the protagonist in a 70's movie "Vanishing Point", a document of speed fuelled paranoia trans-American road trip across the states in a red Dodge Challenger.

Back in action properly after the back breaking "Give Out But Don't Give Up" assault of 1994/'95, "Kowalski" is the first single to be taken from Primal Scream's forthcoming fifth album, also titled "Vanishing Point". The band are currently finalising live dates to take place in the summer to coincide with the release of the album.

Primal Scream are Bobby Gillespie, Andrew Innes, Robert Young, Martin Duffy & Gary 'Mani' Mounfield.

New Primal Scream Site is here!


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From her forthcoming album, 'Troublemaker' (released August 4th 1997), Idha releases the self-penned single 'Going Down South' - a string-laden paean to San Franciscan life - on July 14th (CRESCD268).

Idha's talent for heartfelt lyrics and melodic tunes has already seen her compared to such luminaries as Bobbie Gentry and Gram Parsons, 'Going Down South' will no doubt garner her similar praise.

Swedish born and bred, Idha now lives in Britain and has used British musicians to play on her album; including Oasis' Alan White and Hurricane#1's Andy Bell.

Around the release of this single Idha will be doing a London showcase debuting songs from 'Troublemaker' - details to be announced.

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'Sorry, Sorry' is Idha's first single from her forthcoming, self-penned album, 'Troublemaker'. The single is backed by two songs featuring, amongst others, the talents of Oasis' drummer Alan White and the Buzzcocks' Tony Barber.

Idha is a beautiful, young, Swedish singer/songwriter now living and working in Britain. Her first album, 'Melody Inn' was written and recorded when she was only 21 and was variously described as, "heart-rending, sublime grace...mysterious and seductive" and "the sad and blue younger sister of 'Grievous Angel'". She has previously worked with Evan Dando from The Lemonheads (on her 'If A Man Ever Loved A Woman' E.P.) and The Faces Ian MacLagan who played Hammond organ on 'Melody Inn'.

The single is available in shops from May 26th.

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On May 12th, NICK HEYWARD released 'TODAY', his debut single on Creation Records.

Widely acknowledged as one of Britain's most consistently great songwriters, Nick Heyward signed to Creation after a chance meeting with Creation boss Alan McGee. Following a cameo appearance in the video for Edward Ball's 'Mill Hill Self Hate Club', he was asked to play a set at Ed's Living Room Club where Alan McGee happened to be DJing. That night an impressed McGee invited him to join Creation.

The free reign he has been given at Creation has resulted in Nick writing some of the strongest material of his career. Twelve of these songs make up 'World's End', his sixth album, which will be released on Creation later this year.

The CD format of 'TODAY' is backed by 'DEAR MISS FINLAND' and '3 COLOURS'. 'TODAY' is also available on 7" and cassette. All tracks were written and produced by Nick Heyward. The relevant catalogue numbers are; CRESCD 262 (CD), CRE 262 (7") and CRECS 262 (CASS).

Watch this space for tour details .....

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Congratulations to Richard Newton from Plumstead, Essex who named the seven stops between Euston and Mill Hill East that Edward Ball would have to pass through on the London Underground on his journey.

He wins the limited edition Edward Ball Chelsea FC football shirt. Luck boy! If the answer was interesting we would publish it, but it's not, so we won't.


We Have A Winner for the 3 Colours Red tickets! Congratulations go to Mr. William Weston of Leicester for correctly stating that Ben was in the Senseless Things and Pete spent a short while in Diamond Head. As a bonus, he also knew what syzygy meant, and so gets his name highlighted in Red.

William Weston

How's that.?



Okay, here we go again....For which famous American 'psychobilly' band did Creation release an album called "Flame Job"? If you know, you will win it. The sooner the better as I want it. And your name will be flashed mercilessly (see William Weston above) if you tell me how many kilometres there are in a mile.

No answers on a postcard, answers on email.

Mail your answer here.