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Edward Ball is a tall, infuriatingly good-looking, multi-talented mod who quietly devotes himself to writing melancholy love songs. Imagine a sartorially elegant Baby Bird that it's cool to like. This Beatlesy ballad might refer to sex (it's certainly sensual), or madness, or even Chelsea Football Club. I plump for the latter; Ed is a committed Blue, and this song is the first ever to have had its video screened at Stamford Bridge. But don't let that put you off.

Ben Marshall, The Guide, Guardian on Saturday January 24th 1997

Edward Ball Love Is Blue


Formerly known as Ed, Mr Ball offers more plaintive melodies on this, his strongest single to date. With a video scripted and co-written by Paul Heaton, there will be plenty of media interest. A first bug hit, perhaps.

Music Week, 18th January 1997


Ball appears at Chelsea

Ed Ball releases a new single, "Love Is Blue", on Creation on January 27th - and he has already scored a first with it, courtesy of Chelsea FC. The accompanying video is the first ever to be shown on the club's large screen. It's been getting a showing at games since the end of December, and screenings will continue before kick-off and at half-time until the single is released.

The song has also made regular appearances over Chelsea's Tannoy.

The video was filmed recently in London and was scripted and co-directed by Paul Heaton of The Beautiful South.

The single is backed by a combination of new songs and radio session material from the Mark Radcliffe show.

Tracks are: "When You Lose Your Lover, Learn To Lose", "Mill Hill Self Hate Club" (Acoustic), and "Love Is Blue" (Acoustic). The two acoustic tracks, available only on the CD format, were recorded for Mark Radcliffe.

Melody Maker, January 18th 1997



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