Spring 1989.
We're in Kirkcaldy, Fife and Chris Miezitis and Alan Moffat meet at school playing in different bands at a lunchtime concert. Alan remembers Chris showing off playing 'Norwegian Wood' at said lunchtime concert, and later being around his house listening to his Dad's Beatles and Wings records. The next two years see the pair in and out of various line-ups, but they keep in touch.

By August 1992, they were sharing a flat in Glasgow, and by the start of the New Year had become The Diggers Mark 1, performing their first gigs as a duo, but joined in the summer by Hank Ross and John Eslick.

Over the next year, The Diggers became a fully operational band, playing their first gig at the Blue Note In Glasgow. More shows followed and demos were recorded. Meanwhile, Alan was thrown out of art school, and tragedy nearly struck when John was involved in a car accident that put him in a coma - and the band on hold for six months.

When the band resumed, Alan McGee came to see them rehearse on the strength of a tape he had received, passed from Alan Moffat to Martin Carr of The Boo Radleys. Four months later, just after their performance at the T in the Park festival, The Diggers signed to Creation.

Which brings us almost up to date. The next six months were spent blowing their advance on "fast cars and fast women" before getting down to recording some of the most brilliant acerbic pop songs you will hear this year. Some of you may have heard The Diggers through the Creation/NME Singles Club -'Limbo Lounge'- the track in question, 'Passport To Rec' featuring on one side of the disc.

Final words from Alan Moffat:

"At the end of the day you live and die by the music that you make - which is what you want people to get interested in, not you, yourself. We're not into the cult of the personality stuff, or paying homage to the past ... we're striving towards being a truly original pop band - Take That with guitars!"



Alan Moffat/Vocals & Bass Guitar

Chris Miezitis/Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

John Eslick/Lead Guitar & Vocals

Hank Ross/Drums & Vocals