C'mon Kids

After the intense success of their radio-friendly experiment in pop, 'Wake Up, Boo!', the Boos returned to the frazzled and often inaccessible noise of '93's 'Giant Steps'. A mixed bag of childhood images, stardom rejection and indirect resentment. It's the sound of a band free to experiment with jellied synths, grinding guitar and fried funk. The upshot: the Radleys at their undeniable peak.


SU, Melody Maker, January 1997

Ride The Tiger

The Boo Radleys' video for their new single, 'Ride The Tiger', is a riot of computer-generated madness featuring imagery from every one of the band's record sleeves. The picture see the Boos flying in the plane that was part of the artwork for 'Find The Answer Within'.

The Boos' spokesman has likened the video to "Toy Story' on acid" while explaining the reasoning behind the techno-fest.

"They didn't wanna be in another video, so we looked at all the options and we went to these people called Atomic Arts. When we asked how much it was gonna cost, they said about 100,000 pounds and we said, 'We'll give you a fifth of that.' Surprisingly, they said, 'OK'. It's a kind of showcase for them.

"The band liked it 'cos all they had to do was turn up for one morning and be digitally photographed.

"All of the images in the video were from the Stephen Wood originals. He's done all the Boos' artwork so far - the globe on 'Giant Steps', the head and megaphone on 'C'mon Kids' and the toy tiger on 'Ride the Tiger' - they've taken all that imagery and made it all 3-D."

The Boos are said to be "absolutely delighted" with the results and have vowed never to make a "boring" video again!

The single's released this week. As previously reported, the Boos begin UK dates at the end of January.

Melody Maker, January 25th 1997