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Alan McGee

The year is picking up speed and the squad is looking very healthy indeed. New LP's by Oasis, 3 Colours Red, Primal Scream, the forthcoming classic LP by new boys Hurricane (Superstars to a man!), Ruby, Teenage Fanclub, St. Etienne, Bob Mould, Idha, the vastly under-rated 18 Wheeler, Edward Ball (the suavest man in pop), Super Furry Animals, Grantby, Nick Heyward, Trashmonk (a pop hermit), Kevin Rowland (one of the reasons I actually started my label - Dexy's), Ivor Cutler, new boys Arnold, OTP and Toaster.

What I'm trying to do is build a premiership of bands. I want Creation to last for 40 years with the same level of respect that Atlantic has had. When I'm 65 (only 29 years away), I still want to own the coolest and most tasteful record company in the world. It also helps if you are one of the biggest as it makes it easier to keep the corporate assholes away from the music and focussing on their percentages!

Predictions for 1997? Chelsea to win the FA Cup, finish 2nd in the premiership. Glasgow Rangers do the treble and 9 in a row. Oasis to finally prove beyond doubt that they are not only the biggest but are by a mile the best band this country has ever produced and Edward Ball to have at least Top 40 hits.


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