Chris McCormack - Quizzical

How did you feel as 1996 began?

What was your favourite album of 1996?
Beck's "Odelay"

Which gig did you enjoy the most?
AC/DC at Wembley Arena

Which record did you most hate?
Babylon Zoo

What was the year's most moving experience?
Being in a van

What was the non-event of 1996?
Kiss at Donnington

Who were the man and woman of the year?
Man: Gareth Southgate
Woman: Paul Gascoigne

Jerk of the year?
Marilyn Monroe

Who is your favourite Spice Girl, and why?
Ball-less, soul-less, suckers of Satan's cock, each and every one of them...but the fat blonde one is all right!

What was 1996's biggest hype?

What was your favourite TV show?
"The Fast Show"

What was your favourite book?
"Please Kill Me"

What was your most original thought?
That's art. And it doesn't count.

What was your most unusual sexual experience?
The Splash Club! Up the curtains (Pete)

Who is the sexiest: Vic Reeves, Keith Prodigy or him from Kula Shaker?
Vic Reeves, by quite a long way

Who is the sexiest: Ulrika Johnson, Skin, or her from Dubstar?

What made you laugh?
Diamond Dave

What made you cry?
Mark Knopfler's emotional solo on "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"

What did you spend most money on in 1996?

How do you feel as 1996 ends?

What do you want from 1997?
The finest wines known to humanity



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