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3 Colours Red

Best new band in Britain

Specialist subject:
Red things

The Kerrang! Challenge

February 1st 1997


1. Which football team are nicknamed the Red Devils?

Pete Vuckovic: "Manchester United"

2. A red rose is the symbol of which English county?

Keith Baxter: "Lancashire."
Pete: "Yorkshire."
Keith: "Lancashire. It's where I'm from."
Chris McCormack: "He knows, he knows. That's two out of two. Fantastic! We've got to go for the full 25."

3. Who starred opposite Robert Redford in the classic western 'Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid'?

Chris: "Paul Newman? Yes. I got that one. I'm not thick!"

4. True or false: the Giant Redwood is the tallest tree in the world?

Ben Harding: "It's true."

5. What was the last Red Hot Chilli Peppers album called?

Pete: "That was 'One Hot Minute'. Would anyone have got that?"
Ben: "Maybe after a bit of thought."
Pete: "I'm just trying to make myself feel valid."

6. What was Red Adair famous for?

Ben: "Shall I say?"
All: "Yes."
Ben: "Red Adair is famous for putting out fires on oil rigs and other such installations."
Chris: "Thank God for Ben."
Keith: "He put out the Gulf War fires, too."

7. In the Sean Connery movie 'The Hunt for Red October', what exactly was Red October?

Ben: "It was a stray Russian submarine which had been hijacked by a nutter who had decided that this was the only way to get out of the country."
Kerrang!: "Stop showing off, Ben. Just say it was a submarine."

8. There are three red properties on the Monopoly board. Name them.

Chris: "Red? Trafalgar Square."
Ben: "No, it's Marlborough Street."
Chris: "Red?!"
Ben: Yeah. Fleet Street, Marlborough Street and The Strand."
Chris: "It's Trafalgar Square, Marlborough Street's orange."
Ben: "Is it? Okay. The Strand, Fleet Street and Trafalgar Square."

9. Where is Red Rum buried?

Ben: "Killarney Island. Which is the wrong answer. Does anyone know?"
All: "No."
Pete: "Isn't it at a racecourse?"
Kerrang!: "Could be."
Ben: "Where they do the Grand National. At the finishing post at Aintree."

10. Which Formula One racing cars are red?

Keith: "Could it be Ferrari, by any chance?"
Pete: "I was going to say Fleet Street."

11. Simply Red's Mick Hucknall is from which city?

Pete: "Manchester. We've got more right than Skunk Anansie already!"

12. In which book of the Bible does Moses part the Red Sea?

Chris: "We're not religious!"
Keith: "Fuck."
Ben: "It must be something to do with the flight from Israel. He was leading the tribes out of Israel."
Keith: "Come on Ben. We haven't got a clue."
Pete: "We need you to get this one."
Ben: "Exodus!"

13. Which UK national rugby team plays in red shirts?

Pete: "Wales."

14. In which year did Prince have a hit with 'Little Red Corvette'? Was it: [a] 1982, [b] 1984, or [c] 1986?

Ben: "1984? Or was it earlier?"
Keith: "I'd say '86"
Pete: Is it 1982?"
Chris: "Who the fuck knows? It's a guess isn't it?"
Ben: "I think 1984."
Kerrang! "It's actually 1982. You've blown it."
Pete: "Actually, we're proud to get that one wrong. Fuck Prince!"

15. What was the 'Red Rum' involved in the death of The Smashing Pumpkins' keyboard player Jonathan Melvoin?

Keith: "Heroin."
Ben: "New York street heroin cut with some fucking horrible stuff. Death in a packet."

16. Redcar is in which English county?

Chris: "It's around Middlesborough, which is in Teeside."
Ben: "Tyne and Wear? Cumbria?"
Keith: "Cleveland?"
Chris: "Hello, Cleveland."

17. Who played the title role in the comedy 'The Woman In Red'?

Chris: "Gene Wilder."
Kerrang!: "The title role, we said."
Pete: "Kelly LeBrock."

18. True or false: England wore red shirts when they won the England World Cup Final in 1966?

All: "True."

19. Which star of 'Red Dwarf' faced rape charges two years ago?

Keith: "Craig Charles."

20. What can't you do on London's Red Routes?

Ben: "Park at any time under any circumstances."
Kerrang!: "Are you in the Old Bill, or something?"
Ben: "No, but I used to work for Kensington and Chelsea Council suspending parking places, so I've always taken an interest in roadside markings."

21. What kind of animal is a Rhode Island Red?

Ben: "It's a chicken."
Chris: "Ha ha ha! Your boring fucking cunt! How the
fuck did you know that? Honestly, this is the only time I've ever been glad to have you in the band!"

22. Is there any red in the national flag of the Netherlands?

Keith: "No."
Ben: "Yes there is. red, white and blue. Like the French flag, but the other way up."
Keith: "He's right again. Don't listen to us."

23. At the start of a frame of snooker, how many red balls are there on the table?

Chris: "Fifteen."

24. Steve Redgrave is a British Olympic champion in which sport?

Chris: "Rowing."

25. Which classic rock track contains the following lyric: 'You paint your smile upon you lips/Blood red nails on your finger tips/A schoolboy's dream'?

Pete: "...You act so shy, you very first kiss was your first kiss goodbye.' 'Livin' On A Prayer' by Bon Jovi. No. no, it's 'You Give Love A Bad Name'."
Kerrang!: "Mr Vuckovic, you are indeed an utterly ludicrous man..."

Quizmaster: Paul Elliott



24 out of 25


With the highest ever K! Challenge score, we proudly pronounce 3 Colours Red the 'Smartest Band In Rock'. Bugger.



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