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Pete Vuckovic - Vocals/bass
Chris McCormack - Guitar/backing vocals
Ben Harding - Guitar/backing vocals
Keith Baxter- Drums

Although Three Colours Red have been together for about a year, vocalist Pete Vuckovic and guitarist Chris McCormack actually wrote songs together for two months before they met! Pete lived in Birmingham while Chris had relocated from his native North East to London and this geographical gap forced the two, who had been put in touch with each other by a mutual friend, to send tapes and ideas to each other by post. Eventually they met face to face and the rapport between them was so good they decided to form a band. They got Keith Baxter in on drums and started to rehearse.

They were very quickly ready to gig but felt that they needed a second guitarist to augment their sound and add to the harmonies which have become such a distinctive feature of the band's individual style. Ben Harding, ex: Senseless Things, was the man for the job and the line up was complete. Before the band's first gig a demo was recorded (Ben and Pete actually met for the first time at this session!) featuring the tracks "Pure", "This Is My Hollywood" and "Sunny In England" which have since surfaced on the band's only release to date, a single on respected indie Fierce Panda records. (As an aside I could mention that a rather classy video was shot to go with this single but very few people have seen it because Chris lost the master copy whilst on a pub crawl in Camden.)



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